STRYKERLABS - The revolution of soccer training

Unleash the full potential of your team with the help of artificial intelligence. Customized recommendations help you perfectly tailor your training to the unique needs of each player.

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Combine the strengths of man and machine

  • The fusion of technical-tactical as well as physiological data opens up new possibilities in the use of the data

  • Using artificial intelligence, precise predictions are made for future training sessions

  • A combination of scientific know-how and
    professional expertise guarantees to always be up to date

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Strykerlabs AMS+

By providing targeted and contextual recommendations using artificial intelligence to all stakeholders,

70 % of injuries can be minimized, and

30 % of performance can be increased.

Convince yourself now and revolutionize your training!

Strykerlabs AMS +

Experts in the field

Practical, sports science experience paired with expertise in machine learning makes Strykerlabs. Get to know us!

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