Strykerlabs AMS+
More than an Athlete Management System

AMS+ offers a holistic approach to reducing the risk of injury and increasing team performance. The all-in-one platform for every aspect of the club supports optimal decision-making that is data-supported and evidence-based.

Interfaces to all commercially available data providers are available. Through the use of machine learning, all club and player data is collected in one place and processed into individual models and reports.

The user-friendly session planning helps in the programming of upcoming training sessions optimally. As such, AMS+ supports managers and players alike in achieving success together.

Minimise injuries

Through the use of artificial intelligence, it is possible to determine the individual loads of each player before training sessions. This helps to minimize the probability of injuries occurring.

Optimise Performance

Wellness questionnaires in our app, performance tests and analysis, scientific models and individually designed dashboards – all combined on one platform. Optimize the performance of the entire team, even for those on the sidelines. 

Explicit recommendations

Clear recommendations ensure a simplified design of training sessions. As a result, we promise to spend less time planning training sessions and leaving more time with the players.

Custom research

Our team of experienced sports and data scientists supports you in handling data efficiently, developing models and generating new insights.

In joint projects, our interdisciplinary and intercultural research team pursues the goal of being pioneers and identifying where more but also less needs to be done.

komplexe Daten ganz einfach und verständlich

Mit Strykerlabs AMS+ ist es Trainern, Athletiktrainern und anderen Beteiligten im Verein möglich miteinander zu kommunizieren – jeder mit seiner „Sprache“, seinem Funktionsbereich, direkt und unkompliziert.

Am Ende gibt es klare Empfehlungen, die sich aus wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnissen, physiologischem Know-how, Trainingsdaten und intelligenten Modellen zusammensetzen. Dabei entsteht die ideale Umgebung für Trainer und Spieler.


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