We believe that everyone – especially you – should have the opportunity to realize their full potential and focus on where their strengths lie. In our eyes, this can only succeed if people concentrate on their abilities and are supported by machines in the best possible way. In our view, the strength of people is their creativity, and the strength of machines is their ability to quickly combine complex data and find solutions.

If you combine these two components and let man and machine work hand in hand, data becomes usable. With this vision and our motivation, we want to enable you to get the best out of yourself and to actually benefit from your strengths.


From science to practice & from practice to science – that’s what we believe in and what we’re working on. There is already an answer to almost every question in the field of soccer. At least in theory. Most of the time, however, these insights remain unused and never find their application directly where they actually belong: in everyday training. In addition, a huge amount of data is collected with every training session or match – but little of it actually helps in decision making. At Strykerlabs, our goal is to empower you to actually put these research findings into practice and make sense of data of any kind. Because scientific knowledge should be accessible, understandable and actionable for everyone, our idea should become your advantage.

The existing data in a team, which is used in the short term but often has no use in the long term, gains enormous power in combination with our scientific background. Through a holistic approach, we create the possibility for you to make objective decisions that include all perspectives.

Constant progress through continuous development, learning and adaptation enables not only us but also you to generate new insights – directly from the training. With the help of machine learning and the effective use of data, you will ultimately be able to train smarter.