Strykerlabs AMS+

The Strykerlabs Athlete Management System plus, or Strykerlabs AMS+ for short, is a tool that helps users to individually plan and efficiently coordinate their soccer training. In addition to the usual features of an Athlete Monitoring System, our very intuitive and user-friendly forecasting software enables coaches to

Users can:

  • to know the training load per player already in advance,
  • gain an overview of current and future player availability and physiological and health conditions, and
  • to get optimized, usable forecasts and recommendations for the training planning as well as for the matches.

The calculations are based on different aspects from past trainings and matches as well as from the currently planned sessions. As a user, you continuously receive the latest research results from the soccer environment as well as insights in the field of machine learning, integrated in constantly improved and further developed features.

Coaches, athletic trainers, the medical department and others involved in the club receive a communication tool through the SLC, through which they can communicate with each other – each in his “language”, his functional area, directly and uncomplicatedly. In the end, there are clear recommendations based on scientific findings, physiological know-how, training data and intelligent models. This creates the ideal environment for coaches and players.

Simple user interfaces promise to spend less time on training analysis and planning and more time effectively with the players. Individually adapted loads per player despite a collective training planning enables the best possible player development and brings them faster to a higher, personal performance level. At the same time, we minimize the individual risk of injury through optimal training specifications. Ultimately, the entire team benefits from this.