Soccer & Science

The combination of research-based know-how, existing and new data, training experience and physiological expertise is designed to take your soccer training to the next level. Digitization in the field of sports – especially in soccer – gained incredible relevance in recent years. Various tools and programs collect and store vast amounts of training data, most of which do not find their application in practice.

Therefore, we set ourselves the goal to use the countless data sources to draw conclusions and filter the most important information. Among other things, this will enable us to make precise predictions for future training sessions. For this purpose, we focus on scientifically supported models, which we constantly expand and improve. Our focus is on data intelligence, through which we empower (athletic) trainers to interpret data and make networked assessments. The mass of data is used in such a way that it becomes usable for decision-making. Insights are gained from unused raw data that were previously inaccessible. Training planning can be better monitored and absolute added value can be created from existing and new training data.

Data Analysis

In data analysis, useful and coherent information is obtained from collected data by means of certain statistical methods.

Data Intelligence

The information gained from data analysis is handled in a value-added-oriented manner by means of data intelligence. Accumulating data is systematically collected and managed, the information is meaningfully processed and intelligently reused. In this way, added value is generated from the data.

Machine Learning

The “artificial” generation of knowledge from experience is called machine learning. During the learning process, algorithms build up a statistical model from examples and training data, whereby patterns and regularities are recognized. This way, even previously unknown data can be assessed.