Science-backed performance optimization and injury prevention

Our scientific vision

We at Strykerlabs have set ourselves the goal of combining science-backed know-how, existing data and training as well as physiological expertise to take soccer training to the next level. In recent years, digitalisation in the sports industry, and for us in particular in soccer, has gained a lot of momentum. Countless tools are used to collect and record training data. Our goal is to use these various data sources to draw conclusions and filter the most important information to precisely predict future training sessions.

Scientific knowledge in the soccer has a very short shelf life due to the fast pace that is happening in the industry. We are focusing on collecting, developing and nurturing this know-how. The constant development of new products and tools is planned to reflect this goal. That’s why we focus on science-backed models and constantly research new models with experts in data analysis and sports science.

Our team consists of several data analysts, sports scientists, and computer scientists. The diverse knowledge in the team and the support of our scientific and industry experts leads to a direct effect on our products that are constantly developed with our pilot customers.


Scientific research

With scientific knowledge and physiological know-how we are creating models for training control. Additionally, recorded data will be populated into the system.


Machine learning

With artificial intelligence our software learns and becomes more and more accurate in calculating the certain load indicators.


Optimize training

Our goal is to optimize the training to increase the performance and to keep the risk of injury as low as possible.